Autism Treatment

Because patients with autism have difficulty in communicating, and because these difficulties span a wide range, the benefits of working with a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) are significant.

Speech-Language Are Different

Speech-language are different, and it is important to understand this when a communication disorder is suspected.  Since there is a difference between speech and language difficulties, the first thing our speech-language pathologists determine with a child who...

Picky Eater? Help Through Feeding Therapy

Many parents describe their child as a “picky eater.” They determine this based on their child’s limited food choices, slow eating, gagging on foods, being unwilling to try new foods, and spitting food out. In situations like this, mealtime can become a difficult event.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Sensory Integration Disorder, also known as Sensory Processing Dysfunction is a neurological problem that causes difficulty with organizing sensory information for use by the brain. Various conditions can cause sensory dysfunction. In children, we often see sensory...