Speech Language Therapy

speech therapyExpert Speech-Language Therapy 

We specialize in providing effective speech and language therapy to achieve results. Our experts help children develop speech, language, and overall communication skills through research and evidence based programs combined with years of clinical experience. We’re qualified to treat the entire range of speech and language related disorders. 

Speech-Language Evaluation

The first step in providing successful therapy for your child is completing an accurate evaluation. The assessment helps to diagnose and pinpoint all areas of difficulty your child may have, which is important for building an individualized effective treatment plan. 


Speech-Language Treatment


Improved skills and abilities for:

  • Using words for verbal and written expression
  • Understanding words when listening and reading
  • Communicating needs, thoughts, ideas to others
  • Pronouncing speech clearly
  • Being more easily understood
  • Participating in academics
  • Socializing
  • Connecting in daily life

We are ready to help your child grow in all areas of speech and language!


Our methods are tried-and-true. The therapeutic programs we use are based on thorough research, and extensive clinical experience. Approaches of therapy are tailored specifically to your child’s needs. All children are different and we understand the importance of providing individualized care.

Our Foundation For Excellence In Care Includes:

  • Determining the root cause of your child’s difficulties 
  • Conducting extensive accurate task analysis to insure effective therapeutic goals and objectives 
  • Using strengths to overcome weaknesses
  • Keeping your child motivated
  • Finding the correct balance of clinician-directed and child-directed therapy
  • Incorporating play and / or structure as per needs of the child
  • Successfully working through obstacles for positive outcomes every session
  • Provision of robust home programming as needed / requested

Speech-Language Therapy can be fun and rewarding!


It’s Time for an Appointment

The earlier speech and language disorders are treated, the better. Early intervention will provide the best outcomes. It also helps prevent further issues as your child grows, goes to school, and becomes an adult.

If you suspect that your child may have a speech or language disorder, trust your instincts. Schedule an evaluation with one of our speech-language pathologists by phone, email, or text. We are here to help your child communicate, and develop in all areas.