Kind Words From Families Like Yours

Dave and Kristen DeFrancesco
Meriden, CT

Our beautiful two year old son was growing and meeting all of the developmental milestones, except for one important area. He was unable to talk. Despite months of searching for answers and assurances that he would learn to talk, we saw no progress despite our efforts to help him to speak. We wanted to believe the words, “Don’t worry, he will talk eventually”, but we knew in our hearts that something was wrong.

Eventually our search led us to Lisa Baron and a diagnosis that was hard to hear; our son had severe apraxia. Our fears were realized, but at the same time, Lisa gave us hope. She told us that with a strong commitment and follow through, she would help our son to talk, but it could take a year of hard work. We trusted her and followed her recommendations and found that she was true to her word. Lisa Baron’s combination of skill and expertise in her field, along with her genuine caring and sensitivity to the needs of our child and our family have brought us through an amazing year. She kept her promise and our son is talking.

We worked closely as a team and she taught us a great deal as well. Her support and encouragement helped us to stay with our commitment of four days per week, then three, now two days a week as our son’s skills have blossomed more than we ever imagined. Now that our son can fully express himself, we are learning more and more about our amazing little boy as his personality unfolds before us each day.

He has so much to say, and so many questions about his world; it’s astonishing that he was able to keep all of his wonderment inside of him for so long. He now has a voice and is able to express himself freely as he explores his world. Our son worked very hard with Lisa and we are so proud of him and all he has achieved. He will tell you now, that it was hard work, but that “Lisa helped me to talk”. He also says, “Thank you Lisa, I love you”.

Sarah Morin

My son has been coming to Baron Therapy Services for just over one year now. He was five years old when he started and non-verbal (unable to say sounds for speech or words). He can now make any sound in the English language and say many words! He still needs some assistance with some sounds but he’s made huge progress! He still has work to do, like using his words more spontaneously, but we are so grateful to Lisa and her staff for everything they’ve done. Hang in there…it will get better…just give it time!

Chris and Pam Hale, grandparents of Peyton
New Paltz, NY

When our granddaughter received a diagnosis of severe apraxia we were deeply concerned for her future. We took comfort in knowing that she was blessed with capable and caring parents who would leave no stone unturned to help her. But still our hearts ached for the difficult road ahead as they sought out answers and treatment for their youngest child. Fortunately Lisa Baron came into their lives and the combination of her unique therapy sessions coupled with intense parent involvement resulted in a wonderful outcome. We are grateful for our grandchild’s effective treatment and the support and encouragement that has been extended to her family.

Kimberly Gould, mom of Peyton
New Paltz, NY

Our journey with apraxia began when our daughter Peyton was just 2 years old. She was completely nonverbal and had been receiving Birth to Three services for about 6 months with no progress. We researched apraxia and thought it accurately described Peyton. I truly believe we were under a lucky star when our pediatrician referred us to Lisa Baron.

Lisa was able to diagnose Peyton with severe apraxia and determine her needs immediately, starting her on a plan of care that brought her to the happy, loving, talkative 4 year old that she is today. There are no words to describe how grateful we are for everything Lisa has done for Peyton. Lisa has given Peyton her voice and as a parent there isn’t really anything I can say that will truly express our gratitude. The amount of caring, support, knowledge and information Lisa has given us over the past two years is immeasurable. Not that long ago I was asking myself if Peyton would ever talk. In two short years Peyton has gone from a completely nonverbal toddler to a preschool aged chatterbox.

Lisa was also able to see what I needed as a very overwhelmed and worried mother and she was not only able to treat Peyton, but she also helped to guide me along this journey as well. Lisa is truly a blessing to all the children she treats as well as their families.

Caring Mom

We are so grateful to have found Lisa Baron and her amazing team, along with Ellie the therapy dog.  I came to Baron Therapy 6 months ago for help with my 10-year-old son who has always been a picky eater.  I always thought he would grow out of his selective eating, but realized he was getting older and his diet was not changing and I needed help!  I looked around to places in the area but nothing seemed to be a good fit.  We were so lucky to find Baron Therapy. 

Making the phone call for the evaluation was difficult for me as I didn’t know what to expect, but I am so glad I did.  The team at Baron is extremely skilled, sensitive, understanding, and patient.  My son was diagnosed with ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder).  I had never heard of this disorder, but after reading about this diagnosis, it described what he (along with our family) was experiencing. 

Lisa’s expertise and honesty have made such a difference for my son.  He made wonderful progress! He can now eat a variety of foods and his diet is much healthier.  He says that he feels better, and that he is happier. Before we found Baron Therapy, I tried to help my son eat a variety of foods, but he basically only ate cereal, chips, milk, popcorn and peanuts. He now consumes foods from every food group. I could not have done this on my own.  I cannot thank Lisa Baron and her amazing team enough for the life changing experience they have given to my son and family.


I have known Lisa for over 20 years. I have seen her evolve into a true expert in her field. Clients of mine who were treated by Lisa and her team made improvements that were significant and never even contemplated. I highly recommend Baron Therapy without hesitation to anyone in need of their services.


Michele Wasikowski
Woodbridge, CT

We first heard the words apraxia when our son Joey was 18 months old, little did we know what an impact that word would have on our lives.

Joey spent the first 5 years of his life in silence. He had 5 days a week of school based speech therapy and 2 days a week of private speech therapy for many years with little to no progress. We knew his apraxia was severe, but to make no progress did not seem right to us.

We continued to search for answers and went to see a Doctor in NYC, well known in the field of apraxia. She spent an hour with Joey and then turned to my husband and I and said your son has severe apraxia and will most likely never speak and to prepare for a life of dependency. Joey was five at the time and our hearts broke.

After the initial shock we decided that it was not our son that could not speak, just that we had not found the right therapist to teach him to speak. At the same time we began searching for a new private therapist, we moved to Woodbridge, CT. We had been given the name of a therapist in Woodbridge by a friend of my Aunt’s who’s son was completely non-verbal at 8 years old and this therapist worked with this child and got him speaking. So we decided to give it a try.

Joey was three months shy of turning six the first day we met Lisa Baron. She confirmed he had a very severe case of apraxia, along with some selective mutism (which every other therapist did not pick up on) and was not sure what she could do but would try. She asked for a 5 day a week commitment from us to allow progress to take place.

At first we thought, “Wow, five days a week?” but after one week we saw instant results. Lisa immediately got Joey to start imitating sounds he never attempted before. Then one month into therapy words started to come, then within three months bigger words, within 6 months – 2 word utterances. We were amazed and so happy with his progress.

Lisa has a gift that no other therapist Joey worked with had. She gets apraxia and how to treat it. She knows how to deal with behavioral challenges of children that often have shut-downs in their therapy sessions when work gets too difficult. She is a very talented therapist and in my opinion a true expert in apraxia.

Joey has been going to Baron Therapy for three years now and continues to make steady progress. I do not know where Joey would be had we not met Lisa, but I am glad we did not have to find out. I have referred many families with apraxic children to Lisa over the years and their children have had the same instant success with Lisa, even the most severely apraxic children make progress at Baron Therapy Services. Lisa gives apraxic children a voice they never had! In addition, she has a staff of dedicated professionals working for her that provide excellent service as well.

Dawn and Scott Coleman
Woodbridge, CT

For us, Lisa Baron walks on water. At 6 1/2 years of age our son had NO words; in fact, all he could utter was “mmm.” Over the years we had several wonderful SLP’s work with him, but not one of them could get him to form words. His ability to read and spell, along with his intelligence was his saving grace (and ours). In other words, he “communicated” with us non-verbally, using several techniques, but we desperately wanted to hear his voice. Our son has severe apraxia.

Lisa Baron “unlocked his voice” for all to hear! We began with Lisa in September of ’08, by December of that same year our son had most of his sounds and could say several words; including our favorites momma, dadda and santa (music to our ears!)

Today just 18 months into treatment, there are no words our son cannot say. He speaks in full sentences. While intelligibility and articulation are on-going; there is no doubt that will come in time. Lisa Baron has given our son the ability to speak; a gift that has changed his life (and ours); and completely opened doors for a bright future. If you have a child struggling with speech or language, we strongly encourage and highly recommend Lisa Baron and her team at Baron Therapy Services. For our family, Lisa has proven that miracles do happen!

10 Year Old Boy

I am 10 years old and I have been diagnosed with ARFID.  My old diet for a normal day was cereal, chips, milk, popcorn and peanuts.  I started to go to therapy in August 2018 and I never thought I would be beating this disorder as my first session was very difficult for me.  We had been looking for help and my family and I are so glad we found Baron Therapy.  If it wasn’t for Miss Lisa and the other therapists I wouldn’t be getting this far. They have made my sessions fun and easier.   I am now eating chicken, chicken noodle soup, sweet potato, green beans, yogurt, cheese and crackers, pizza, bananas, carrots, and pancakes.  Baron Therapy has made life so much better for me in only 6 months.  I did not think I was ever going to get this far with my eating.  I now feel like I have more energy and I am much happier.  Baron is teaching me how to be healthier with my food choices.  I feel like I am starting my life over again by learning how to eat more foods.   These foods will help me to grow, be able to eat with my friends, and feel good.  Thank you Baron for taking me on this amazing journey.