Dysarthria is diagnosed when a patient presents with weakness of his or her articulators. This problem can affect all aspects of articulation including respiration (breathing) and phonation (use of voice). Sound errors tend to be consistent with dysarthria and the quality of speech is slurred as though the child is speaking with marbles in the mouth.

More information: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dysarthria/basics/definition/con-20035008

How We Can Help

The clinicians at Baron Therapy specialize in the treatment of dysarthia through expert speech therapy. We combine research-based methods with 20 years of clinical experience to successfully provide expert care to children who have difficulty talking. We have a passion for helping children become effective verbal communicators.

If a child has a speech disorder, the younger a child starts treatment the better. Early intervention can help remediate these problems to the fullest extent.


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