It involves consistent patterns of speech errors.

For example, when a child consistently drops the last consonant of words, a pattern can be identified (final consonant deletion). Children use patterns, or simplifications of adult speech, while speech is developing. It helps them to learn words that may be difficult for their developing muscles. As children grow older these simplifications drop away naturally and are no longer evident.

However, when these phonological processes continue past age three, the child may have a phonological disorder. This disorder can cause speech to be slightly or very difficult to understand.

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The therapists at Baron Therapy specialize in the treatment of phonological disorders through expert speech therapy. We combine research-based methods with 20 years of clinical experience to successfully provide expert care to children who have difficulty talking. We have a passion for helping children become effective verbal communicators.

If a child has a speech disorder, the younger a child starts treatment the better. Early intervention can help remediate these problems to the fullest extent.

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