Clinician Training & Teaching

clinician training

Clinician Training, Teaching & Mentorship

Baron Therapy Services, LLC is a teaching facility, in addition to our primary mission of providing therapeutic services to children and young adults. Baron Therapy Services, LLC is dedicated to preparing future clinicians to begin their professions with distinction. We embrace the tradition of passing our knowledge and experience through clinician training to eligible clinical fellows and interns. We want to ensure continued advancement of our vital fields. This practice of clinician training further solidifies quality of care to our patients as our clinicians continue to stay abreast of the latest research and therapeutic techniques.

Baron Therapy Services, LLC has contracted with Colleges and Universities throughout the United States to accommodate the necessary fieldwork that new professionals are required to undertake. The supervising clinicians are well prepared and experienced to mentor students and facilitate the development of proficiency within their prospective fields.

We welcome inquiries regarding interest in participating in this educational process. For further information, or potential opportunities please email the Director: [email protected]

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