What is Apraxia? Apraxia of speech can cause total lack of speech, or speech that is difficult to understand.

Apraxia of Speech is a neurological speech disorder which causes a breakdown in the motor planning required for speech production. That means that a child may know what he or she wants to say, but the sounds of the words don’t come out right.

Muscle weakness is not a significant concern in those who have a sole diagnosis of apraxia. Muscles prove to be healthy and strong during involuntary movements such as sneezing and chewing. The breakdown in ability is seen during tasks that are voluntary, or executed on command.

Sound errors tend to be inconsistent, and a child who has apraxia is commonly difficult to understand. If left untreated, the child can become frustrated and even refuse to try speaking.

More information: http://www.webmd.com/brain/apraxia-symptoms-causes-tests-treatments

How We Can Help

The clinicians at Baron Therapy specialize in the treatment of apraxia through expert speech therapy. We combine research-based methods with 20 years of clinical experience to successfully provide expert care to children who have difficulty talking. We have a passion for helping children become effective verbal communicators.

If a child has a speech disorder, the younger a child starts treatment the better. Early intervention can help remove these problems to the fullest extent.

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