Learning Disability

Learning Disability or Disorder has been described as “a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to receive, process, store and respond to information.” (National Center For Learning Disabilities)  The National Center For Learning Disabilities offers a wealth of information about these often misunderstood disabilities.

Learning Disability Can Be Helped

A Learning Disability Can Be Helped

Speech and occupational therapy play a strong role in helping children who have been identified as having a learning disability.  Therapists work to identify a child’s specific areas of weakness.  Through careful analysis of a child’s skills, a plan with directed goals and objectives can be created specifically for the child.  Goals are targeted through a variety of research based and evidence based approaches that facilitate learning for the child.  Special educators are also trained to facilitate this process.  In summary, children who have learning disabilities learn differently than neurotypical children.  Altering these children’s educational plans and teaching methods / approaches is critical for their success.