Feeding Therapy

Wfeeding therapyhen your child has trouble at mealtimes, it can be stressful on a daily basis. Not only does eating become stressful, but it could become dangerous. If your child struggles with chewing and swallowing, malnutrition and respiratory issues become real concerns.

Whether your child reacts physically with discomfort or choking, avoids eating, or even has trouble breastfeeding, we can help! Feeding therapy provides treatment for these difficulties and can result in great success and positive outcomes.

Expert Feeding Therapy Services

Baron Therapy is one of the only practices on the East Coast that specializes in feeding therapy. Our experts help children who struggle with eating, chewing, swallowing, and other mealtime activities. We’re qualified to treat the entire range of feeding related disorders. We want to make meals a happy and relaxing time for your family once again, and help your child get the nutrition he or she needs!

Feeding Therapy Evaluation

The first step in providing excellent therapy for your child is an evaluation. When we get to know you and your child and all your needs and difficulties, we can provide an accurate diagnosis.

We examine the complete eating process and determine where the problems are occurring, and whether or not there is an underlying cause. It could be physiological, deficient sensory-motor development, decreased muscled coordination, dysphagia (swallowing difficulty), or psychological. Accurate diagnosis is critical to development of a treatment plan.

Feeding Therapy Treatment

Feeding Issues We Treat


Feeding Therapy Benefits

We will help your child develop and acquire the skills needed to be successful in all areas of feeding and eating, resulting in:

  • Being more alert and relaxed at mealtimes
  • Enjoying a greater variety of foods and drinks
  • Quicker and less messy meals
  • Healthier physical growth and weight gain
  • Better nutritional support
  • Less picky eating
  • Enjoyment of meals in social settings


Feeding Therapy Methods

Our methods are tried-and-true and based on thorough research and extensive clinical experience. We tailor our methods and approaches of treatment to fit your child’s specific needs.  We address the root cause of your child’s challenges, which leads to positive outcomes. We make it fun and move at a pace that your child will benefit from.

Some of our approaches include:

  • Desensitization
  • Oral-Motor
  • Motokinesthetic feedback
  • Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) 
  • Positioning
  • Grading of consistencies, textures, and temperature
  • Building strength and coordination of the articulators responsible for feeding
  • Behavioral learning methods and building intrinsic motivation

Feeding therapy can be challenging, but we make it fun!

It’s Time for an Appointment

The earlier feeding disorders are treated, the better. Early intervention can improve outcomes. It also helps prevent further issues as the child grows, goes to school, and becomes an adult.

If you suspect that your child may have a feeding disorder, trust your instincts! Schedule an evaluation with one of our therapists. Our feeding therapy services are proven to help children with all kinds of developmental difficulties.


Additional resources:

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