Pediatric Occupational Therapy New Haven CT

Occupational Therapy

When a child is unable to perform everyday activities like eating, washing, and playing, their self esteem suffers.

Independence is important to growing kids, and gives them a healthy and healing boost of confidence. That’s where Baron Therapy’s occupational therapy comes in to save the day.

Expert Occupational Therapy Services

Baron Therapy is a leading provider of occupational therapy. Our experts help children who struggle with everyday activities. We’re qualified to treat an large range of disorders with this life-changing therapy. We love giving your child the gift of independence and seeing their joy and productivity grow!

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

The first step in providing excellent therapy for your child is an evaluation. First, our occupational therapists will schedule an evaluation. They’ll work closely with your child and you. This way we can develop treatment plans that will be tailored just for your child’s needs.

Occupational Therapy Treatment

Occupational Therapy Benefits

We help your child to do all the things they need to in their day, including:

  • eating
  • washing
  • organizing
  • writing
  • walking
  • doing daily chores
  • playing with others
  • self care
  • hand-writing

Occupational therapy can help your child to use their hands, arms, legs, and whole body. This way, we work on improving both their physical and thinking abilities.

Occupational Therapy Methods

Our methods focus on improving your child’s abilities to do everyday tasks. Occupational therapy has lots of ways to help your child.

  • First, we address the root cause of your child’s challenges. Then, we teach them to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses.
  • By taking a play-based approach, we make it fun for your child to improve. If needed, we may use a more structured method instead, or a combination of both. It all depends on how your child responds.
  • We have large indoor and outdoor playgrounds for physical fun and exercise. And we have special therapy rooms set up like household kitchens and bathrooms.
  • We also provide activities that you can continue to use at home for further benefits.


It’s Time for an Appointment

The earlier developmental disorders are treated, the better. Early intervention can sometimes completely remove an issue. It also helps prevent further issues as the child grows, goes to school, and becomes an adult.

If you suspect that your child may have a disorder that occupational therapy could help, trust your instincts! Schedule an evaluation with one of our therapists. Our occupational therapy services are proven to help children with all kinds of developmental difficulties.

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