Speech Articulation Therapy Bridgeport CT

Speech Articulation TherapyWhen your child struggles to speak, everyone in the family suffers. Speech issues are frustrating to you and your child, especially when they can’t express their basic needs. When these issues arise, everyday aspects of life become puzzles. Because of this disconnect, your relationship may suffer. We know how devastating the struggle to speak can be for the whole family. But you are not alone! Speech Articulation Therapy may be the key to unlock your child’s communication.

Expert Speech Articulation Therapy Services

Baron Therapy specializes in Speech Articulation Therapy and language therapy. Our experts help children who struggle with speech, language, or both. We’re qualified to treat the entire range of speech related disorders. Nothing compares to the joy we all experience when we help a child finally communicate with their loved ones.

Speech Articulation Therapy Evaluation

The first step in providing excellent therapy for your child is an evaluation. When we get to know you and your child and all your needs and difficulties, we can provide an accurate diagnosis. With a proper diagnosis, we can develop a custom treatment plan for your child.

Speech Articulation Therapy Treatment

Speech Articulation Therapy BENEFITS
  • Finding the words to express themselves
  • Using proper grammar and sentence structure
  • Understanding others’ words
  • Lessening speech impediments
  • Being more easily understood
  • Correct pronunciation

We help your child to grow in all areas of speech and language, including:

Speech Articulation Therapy METHODS

Our methods are tried-and-true and based on thorough research. And we tailor our methods of treatment to your child’s specific needs.

  • We address the root cause of your child’s challenges. Then we teach them to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses.
  • By taking a play-based approach, we make it fun for your child to improve. If needed, we may use a more structured method instead, or a combination of both. It all depends on how your child responds.
  • We also provide activities that you can continue to use at home for further benefits.

Speech therapy can be challenging, but we make it fun!


It’s Time for an Appointment

The earlier speech and language disorders are treated, the better. Early intervention can sometimes completely remove an issue. It also helps prevent further issues as the child grows, goes to school, and becomes an adult.

If you suspect that your child may have a speech or language disorder, trust your instincts! Schedule an evaluation with one of our speech pathologists. Our Speech Articulation Therapy services are proven to help children with all kinds of developmental difficulties.