Speech Language Development

Speech Language Development – Words can be stepping stones

Speech Language Development

can be continued after school, and therapy throughout the day.  Often, children will ask, “What does that mean?”  They seek definitions of words when they are exposed to new vocabulary. Defining words is helpful.  However, to help your child remember new words it is great to use words they know as stepping stones.

In other words (no pun intended), use synonyms (words that have similar meaning), or antonyms (opposites) when describing words or explaining meaning.  These are your stepping stones.

For example, if you said “That was a huge cookie,” and your child asked you what huge meant, then you could say, “Big.”  After you utilize the stepping stone, then elaborate – “Huge is a size that is not little.  Huge means really big.”  Capitalize on old knowledge to gain new smarts.

Speech Language Development opportunities abound whenever there is conversation happening.  Look for these moments and utilize them!