Communication can Develop by Talking

Help Communication Develop by Talking

Help Communication

Help communication by your child increase simply by talking to him or her.  This will expose the child to language.  This exposure goes a long way!  Talk about the things around you, talk about what you are doing, talk about what your child is doing, and so on.

You can narrate almost any part of your interaction with your child. In turn, he or she will be learning sentence structure, new vocabulary, the sounds of your language, and the power of communication.  If you say a long sentence, follow it up by breaking it down into a shorter sentence.  Do this several times until you are left with one word.   For example, if you say “You are pushing the red car.”  Follow it up with “pushing the car.”  Then continue to simplify – “pushing car” followed by “car.”  This exercise will vary of course, depending on your child’s age and language abilities.  You can also start with the short phrase, and build it up.  These strategies expose your child to the parts of sentences.

At Baron Therapy Services, LLC we can teach you these types of strategies and techniques so you can carry the out at home.  Contact us anytime with questions – we welcome supporting parents help their children grow and develop!